To be data scientist or data analyst, how statistics can help you?

主讲人 李润泽 主讲人简介 <p>李润泽是美国宾州州立大学统计系讲席教授。他的研究领域包括高维数据变量选择、超高维数据的变量筛选、半参数和非参数回归分析、统计在社会科学和神经科学的应用。他是国际数理统计学会、美国统计学会和美国科学促进会资深会士。他于2013年至2015年担任<em>Annals of Statistics</em>主编。现为<em>Journal of the American Statistical Association</em>副主编。</p>
主持人 方颖 简介 <p>Analysis of ultrahigh-dimensional data plays critical roles in big data analysis. Feature screening aims to quickly reduce the dimensionality by filtering out irrelevant variables as many as possible without excluding out important variables. Thus, feature screening is an important statistical analytic tool for ultrahigh data. There have been many developments on this topic. In this lecture, I will present general strategy and a real-world application, in which we study the text data of job advertisements for data scientists and data analysts in a major China's online job posting website, and explore the important skill words for the salary.</p>
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